Carifiesta Montreal - Escort on Horseback

Copyright Photo: Security Escort on Horseback 1 by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
8 mounted patrol officers were present at the parade.
(Montreal's cavalry unit consists of 10 officers and 11 horses.)

Copyright Photo: Security Escort on Horseback 2 by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Invaluable in crowd control situations... events or demonstrations.
BTW, they are available for hire for private events!

Bringing up the rear of the Carifiesta Montreal Parade were eight "Mounted Patrol Officers" of the "Service de police de la Ville de Montreal".

If you look close enough, you'd swear that even these well trained horses had a certain swing in their step when they heard the Carifiesta music.


Greensboro Daily Photo said...

The Carifiesta is a whole new facet to life in Montreal that I knew nothing about. The horses add such an official touch. We are starting to see mounted police in Greensboro too.

You say such nice things about my photos and photography, you are like our local friend Jane-- ever reminding us that there IS an audience.

Leif Hagen said...

Such a handsome horse display at the back end of the parade! C'est fun!
Bon jeudi, Ken!

Birdman said...

Coming and going. Hahahaha! Backasswards!

Elisa said...

Thanks for sharing this kind of event!
Have a nice day and thanks a lot for visiting my blog
Elisa, in Argentina

Jarart said...

Now that is a job that I wouldn't mind doing....if it was just riding a horse all day....which it isn't.
They are all beautifully groomed.

RedPat said...

Cops on horses always seem to be the friendliest! Nice coming and going pics!

Andrew Etchen said...

Nice photos.

but yet again, I never knew Montreal had police on horses like they do in Toronto ;-)

I guess the horses aren't used to that sort of music. Maybe if they were in Calgary at the moment they would much prefer the sound of country music :)

have a good one!

Randy said...

Those really are beautiful horses.

Dindin MK said...

Frankly to say, I hate cops... but, cops on horses is exception. They're so cool and kind.
Btw, cops on horses is a very rare thing here.

Nice shot!!

magiceye said...

love to see the mounted police!
they are charmingly delightful!!

Arija said...

Such beautifully matched horses, wonderfully groomed and obviously much loved.

Sorry I have not been around much, things are a bit rough here . . .

Kaori said...

The tails are gorgeous! :D

Rae Walter said...

These horses look so beautifully groomed. Well captured. Have a great weekend. Best wishes from Rae in Perth, Western Australia.