Société de Transport de Montréal (STM)

The Campaign: Every Passenger Counts for the Planet!
The Message: Public transit is good for our planet. Taking the bus and métro makes a real difference for the environment!

Copyright Photo: Société de Transport de Montréal-STM by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr

"Each individual action, each of your trips, counts. All these actions combined become the drivers of a ‘society in motion’. Did you know that by taking a return trip on public transit rather than by car, you are making a move that has a strong ecological impact? In fact, this simple action has the same benefit as planting a tree. Now imagine thousands of passengers just like you… acting together for an even greener city." ***** text source: STM *****

It's a very ambitious campaign but I think it's achievable.
At least, we have to try.


Randy said...

Excellent post and photo!