Montreal Bixi Bikes With Advertising

Copyright Photo: Montreal Bixi Bikes With Advertising by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Big controversy: advertising on Bixi bikes! There have been many unhappy users who are against this surprising move to have so-called "sponsors"... namely Telus, Desjardins ( a Quebec bank ) and Rio Tinto Alcan for the bike-sharing service. Apparently, there have been reports that some of the Bixi ads have been defaced. I went hunting for them in the downtown core, but I couldn't find any. Click "here" for defaced Bixi bikes.


magiceye said...

why the furore against advertising?

Montreal Photo Daily said...

At the initial launch of this project, the company had stated that there would not be any advertising on the Bixi bikes. That was the reason why some borroughs of Montreal agreed to join in since they would have to provide ample space for the bike stations... At this point in time, some users are truly against the idea of the Bixi bikes being rolling billboards and they find that they are "uglifying" Montreal streets. Obviously, not everyone is against having advertising, especially now that the rate has been reduced, ever-so-slightly. But the debate is on HERE, HERE and HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I'm all for reducing cars on the streets but, I personally think the rows of bikes on the streets are ugly anyway. I didn't even notice the ads. If they want to advertise, let them. Any defacing of city property is going to cost taxpayers. Why give the city a reason to hike taxes or raise already high parking fees ?

Peter said...

If this kind of modest and discrete advertising helps to reduce the costs, I would pesonally not have any objection!

Ken said...

@ Anonymous & Peter: I'm on the same wavelength. From what I see, the real discontent comes from the younger and educated "green" camp. They are very concerned about the state of the environment for their children etc. and not-so coincidentally, they are also very untrusting of big business-
industry... So, when these guys are supporting the Bixi project, they don't want to be rolling billboards for these companies at the same time.

Thanks guys.

Leif Hagen said...

Great bike photo! Looks like the biking option in Paris and more cities too!
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