Jim Dine: The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Copyright Photo: Jim Dine At The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
"3 hearts on a rock", sculpture by artist Jim Dine.

This eye-catching piece is in the Max & Iris Stern Sculpture Garden, ... an outdoor garden that is ! With this project being funded by the Stern estate, the museum has been mandated to make art more accessible to everyone and to promote collaboration between the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, Concordia University and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Location of this artwork:
Sherbrooke Street/ Ave. du Musee

Montreal Homeless Shelter: The Old Brewery Mission

Founded in 1889, the Old Brewery Mission provides basic needs to homeless Montreal adults by offering them a safe place to sleep, nourishing meals, clothing, warm showers and other services.

Copyright Photo: Old Brewery Mission by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr

Pictured here is the Webster Pavilion, one of five branches run by the Old Brewery Mission. The back wall of this building features a mural of the Montreal Metro, adding a bit of color and energy to this otherwise sad looking edifice. If you look in from the bottom three windows on the left hand side, you may be able to see the bunk beds in these rooms.

Images of Montreal's Chinatown

Copyright Photo: Montreal Chinatown South Gate by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
This is at the corner of St-Laurent Bivd. and Viger Street. Proceed northwards on St-Laurent and you'll find grocery stores, diners, dim-sum houses, jewelry shops and Chinese herb shops.

Copyright Photo: Montreal Chinatown Rotisserie by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Popular Chinese rotisserie showcase:
left: roast pork on hook
right: roast duck hanging from hooks
bottom: salted chicken and soya sauce chicken

Copyright Photo: Montreal Chinatown Bakery by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Freshly baked goods Cantonese style available here. Specialty of the house: egg tarts (lower right) and poster on the right.

Copyright Photo: Montreal Chinatown Holiday Inn Select by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
If you look for the two distinctive Chinese pavillions on the roof-top of the Holiday Inn Select Centreville, you'll know exactly where Montreal's Chinatown is.

McGill University: The Roddick Gates

Copyright Photo: Entrance To McGill University: The Roddick Gates by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Roddick Gates From McCord Museum by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
The main entrance to McGill University is through the Roddick Gates at the corner of Sherbrooke Street and McGill College Avenue. Lady Roddick donated the gates to the university in memory of her late husband, Sir Thomas George Roddick, who was a doctor and dean of the Faculty of Medicine. They were officially opened by her on May 28, 1925.

Black and white photo source and more info:
1935 Graduating Procession, McCord Museum

Due to copyright restrictions, I cannot upload THIS photo from 1869 taken by one Alexander Anderson that depicts what it was like then !   I think it's priceless !

Dinner At Magnan, Montreal

Copyright Photo: Oooh ! At Magnan, Montreal by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
The expression on my friend's face says it all. Oooh, that looks good too, she whispers ! Decisions, decisions... and Margarete thought it was going to be a no stress evening out. Little did she know, but Magnan located in Pointe Saint-Charles is known for serving one of the best roast beef in town. Yes, true... and its other claim to fame is featuring a culinary seafood festival, offered when in season. Yummy.

Scenic Montreal: McGill College Avenue

Copyright Photo: McGill College Avenue by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
This is McGill College Avenue, a wide and grand downtown street that runs north-south from McGill University's Roddick Gates to Place Ville Marie. Despite the fact that it's only 4 blocks long, it's one of the most scenic streets of downtown Montreal. With the crabapple blossoms almost at their peak this past weekend, it was the perfect time to kick back and have my breakfast in one of the cafes that spill out onto the sidewalks. Then I headed off to do some shopping on St. Catherine Street which is only a couple of blocks from where this photo was taken.

Warrior Emperor and China Terracotta Army/Forever on Guard

Copyright Photo: Warrior Emperor and China Terracotta Army Montreal Canada by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Exhibition of the world renown Chinese terracotta army that was discovered in Xi'an, China in 1974 is currently at the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts. I'm so happy to hear that it is a success and has been a big draw for tourists this Spring. If you are at all a bit curious to see some of the artifacts including some statues from the First Emperor's mausoleum, be sure to come before the show's closing- June 26, 2011. To give you an insight as to what you can expect to see, you can watch the 3 short videos that I have include here. Hope you enjoy !

Kaiah's New Look

Copyright Photo: Kaiah's New Look by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Kaiah is ready for warmer weather now. Since Montreal summers tend to be on the hot and humid side, I think this crew cut should suit her just fine.

My Foodle At The Groomer's

Copyright Photo: Robert Dog Groomer, Canin-Felin Express, Ville Lemoyne by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Copyright Photo: Kaiah Summer Cut by Montreal Photo Daily, on FlickrCopyright Photo: Wet Pooch by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Copyright Photo: Dog Heaven, Canin-Felin Express, 148 St-Louis, Ville LeMoyne, Quebec by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Robert at Canin-Felin Express is Kaiah's groomer. I must congratulate and thank him for his services. You see, Kaiah is a very nervous and sensitive dog and she just hates having a bath and getting all dolled up. But with Robert, who is very patient and gentle with her, she is usually calm and relaxed in a matter of minutes. From what I see, I do believe Kaiah has found herself a pair of trusting hands. Lucky for me also for having discovered this pet emporium, by word of mouth. It's well maintained, well stocked and provides excellent service. The owner, Mr. Lu, used to work in the pet food industry, in the labs at the food-development level. So, he knows what he's talking about. Adding to that his many years of work in animal welfare sciences and his love for animals, I can count on him for all sorts of doggie care advice. You know, at the end of the day, if Kaiah's happy, I'm happy.

Canin-Felin Express is located in Ville LeMoyne, a small suburb on the South Shore, off the island of Montreal. If I take the Victoria Bridge to cross the St-Lawrence River, it's merely a 10 minute drive from downtown. For any dog/cat owner, I truly think Mr. Lu is a godsend.

A Classic Montreal Depanneur

Copyright Photo: A Classic Montreal Depanneur by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
In Quebec, the typical "depanneur" store open beyond normal hours and days of other businesses. In actuality, it's truly a corner store supremo, one that gets you out of a bind... Whether you're suddenly short of butter or milk for your favorite cake recipe or out of beer and wine when unexpected guests come over, it's your life saver ! Personally, at this depanneur in St-Henri, I buy my lottery tickets and catch up on the local gossip... :-D It's a bit like Coronation Street, but in Quebecois French !

Veritas: Westmount Selwyn House Sculpture By Santini

Copyright Photo: Veritas: Selwyn House Motto Enshrined In New Sculpture by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
During lunchtime, I popped into Westmount City Hall to pick up some information leaflets. On my way out, I noticed this 6 feet by 13 feet sculpture on the front lawn of Selwyn House... a private boys' school catering to Montreal's young and privileged. (The school is located right behind City Hall.) These very enthusiastic students, I suppose, had just finished their lunch and were so bored that they jumped right in front of the sculpture and wanted to help me out. Several poses later, this is my favorite. Thumbs up guys.

Maison Saint-Gabriel House, Montreal

Copyright Photo: Saint-Gabriel House, 1698, Point St. Charles, Montreal by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Copyright Photo: Saint-Gabriel House, 1698 Point St. Charles by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Copyright Photo: Saint-Gabriel House Detail, Montreal by Montreal Photo Daily, on FlickrCopyright Photo: Roadside Cross by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
This farmhouse is an example of French-inspired rural architecture: stone masonry, a pitched roof and a wood frame. Located in Pointe-Saint-Charles, 5 minutes drive from downtown Montreal, the Maison Saint-Gabriel House was purchased by Marguerite Bourgeoys in 1668. And for 300 years, it housed the Sisters of the Congregation de Notre-Dame of Montreal, who operated the farm to supply their own community. Currently, the museum is a great showcase of New France / Quebec rural farm-life... definitely worth a visit. I personally come once or twice a year just to enjoy the zen atmosphere and the surrounding gardens.

Bad Fashions in Montreal

Copyright Photo: Bad Fashions in Montreal by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Sorry for the bad photo ! But, I just had to post this pic of a window display in a discount fashions boutique. I pass by often with my dog Kaiah... just to have a laugh. They change the windows often but it always ends up looking like a parade of hookers.

Lower Westmount: Victorian Style

Copyright Photo: Montreal Skyline - Lachine Canal by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Copyright Photo: Montreal Lachine Canal Condo Living by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
These Victorian homes are in "Lower Westmount" and the buildings date from the late 1800's. This cozy one block street is actually a 5 minute walk from the core of downtown Montreal ! The majority of the front gardens in this corner of town are stamp-sized... usually around 12 feet by 12 feet. Nonetheless, this homeowner manages to create this wonderful tapestry of colours.

St. Henri Park: Jacques Cartier Monument

Copyright Photo: St. Henri Park Fountain by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Copyright Photo: St. Henri Park Vincent Sculpture by Montreal Photo Daily, on FlickrCopyright Photo: St. Henri Park House by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
A tranquil little Montreal neighborhood park: the St. Henri Park has a very elaborate Victorian style fountain and a statute of Jacques Cartier perched at the top. The original sculpture was done by Joseph-Arthur Vincent but, in the 1990s, the Cartier statue was replaced with a copy after having crumbled due to prolonged exposure to the elements. Currently, the restored Vincent sculpture is sited in the Place Saint-Henri Metro Station and placed in a light shaft over the Côte Vertu platform. If you are in the area, check it out !

Montreal Fashion: Les Cours Mont Royal

Copyright Photo: Les Cours Mont Royal 2 by Montreal Photo Daily
Copyright Photo: Les Cours Mont Royal 1 by Montreal Photo Daily
Copyright Photo: Les Cours Mont Royal 3 by Montreal Photo Daily
In my opinion, Les Cours Mont Royal, located in downtown Montreal, is truly a haven for the fashionistas. Bar none ! Looking for everything from that funky, hip urban look to the button-down offerings of Harry Rosen ? ... DKNY, Aritmetik, Kiki and Co., Suteki, Giorgio Femme, Three Monkeys, Matinique, Club Monaco or Enrg- X Change ? ... and more. Get it here for sure !

Parkinson Society Quebec 2011 Congress

Copyright Photo: Jacques Cartier Bridge by Montreal Photo Daily
The Jacques Cartier Bridge is a five lane bridge that is 2 1/6 miles (3.4 km) in length, that spans across the St. Lawrence River between the cities of Montreal and a suburb, Longueuil. Originally named the Harbour Bridge (pont du Havre), it was renamed in 1934 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Jacques Cartier's first voyage up the St. Lawrence River. This photo was taken from the roof-top garden of the "Universite de Sherbrooke" / University of Sherbrooke- Longueuil campus where I was attending a conference on Parkinson Disease. Curious about the angled, boxy glass structures ? Skylights.

Montreal's Hockey Temple / Forum Pepsi AMC

Copyright Photo: Forum Pepsi AMC Montreal by Montreal Photo Daily
The "Forum" used to be a legendary temple to hockey and a concert venue. Now, it is the "Forum Pepsi AMC", which is a mall with a wide assortment of shops: Future Shop, sports bar/video arcade, restaurants and SAQ (liquor Store), the AMC 22 movie screens, bowling alleys, a health club, a comedy club and more... The only features that set this mall apart from its competitors are the stars of entertainment and sports personalities that are set into the sidewalk in the entrance way and the less than appealing design of the building.

Springtime in Montreal

Copyright Photo: "Alexandrina" Magnolia Blossom by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Montreal's winters are notorious for being frigid and Spring is a long time coming. But when it does arrive, it explodes in lush displays of greenery and flowers like this one on the "Alexandrina" magnolia tree in my back garden. Its amazing flowers are easily 6 inches across.

Place Ville Marie: I. M. Pei In The Sky

Copyright Photo: McGill College Ave- Downtown Montreal by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
This afternoon, I was downtown for an appointment. As I was coming out of the "Place Montreal Trust" building on McGill College Ave., this was what greeted me. I've been at this same spot many times before but somehow today it really caught my attention... the combination of the light, the crisp blue sky, the juxtaposition of the buildings- skyscrapers ? Who knows, but it was screaming to be appreciated. On the right background is the renown and iconic cruciform "Place Ville Marie". In the centre of this photo is the "1501 McGill College" also known as the "Tour McGill College".

Square Sir Georges Etienne-Cartier Park Saint-Henri, Montreal

Copyright Photo: Quaint Park in Square Sir Georges Etienne-Cartier by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
This quaint little park with the fountain that was ordered by catalogue from an American foundry, was inaugurated in 1912. It is located at the corner of Notre-Dame Street and Square Sir Georges Etienne-Cartier in Saint-Henri, a neighbourhood in south-western Montreal... a little more than a five minute drive from downtown. Originally, this was the site of several slaughterhouses that serviced the inhabitants of the western sector of Montreal.

Quebec Artist: Granche Wows Again

Copyright Photo: Quebec Artist: Granche by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
This ensemble of aluminium free-standing architectural sculptures, titled " Comme si le temps... de la rue " is the work of Pierre Granche. The installation is sited under a glass skylight in the interior of the Place des Arts Complex ( Place-des-Arts Metro ). If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and have a look. It's a must !

CCA Garden: Urban Public Space

Copyright Photo-  Montreal: CCA Garden by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Copyright Photo- Montreal: CCA Garden Sculpture by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
The Canadian Centre for Architecture Garden is not your average garden with borders full of flowering plants and meandering walking paths. Nope ! The design concept is the integration of art and architecture, combining sculpture and public space. Think: a vast urban space with conceptual sculptures, concrete pillar structures, a gravel central meeting point and a lookout. Combine that with a small apple orchard, the numerous rugosa rose bushes and an impressive green lawn. The CCA sculpture garden was designed by Montreal artist/architect Melvin Charney.
1920 Baile Street Montreal, Quebec

Mount Royal Tennis Club

Copyright Photo: Mount Royal Tennis Club by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
I pass by often and have always been intrigued by this place. It's located on a quiet residential street and the property boundaries are surrounded with a tall fence covered with mesh which blocks the view. The main building is very nice and in spite of the size of the facility, it's tastefully packaged and not too much of an eye-sore. I've never had the chance to use the facilities here since it's " Members Only ". And I was surprised to learn that it has been here since the early 1880's. According to its website: " the Mount Royal Tennis Club has been the centre of tennis activity in Montreal. A private club, the MRTC boasts twelve magnificent hard-true courts, wonderfully refurbished locker rooms, a magnificent deck overlooking the entire club, a pool, and a fine dining room in keeping with Montreal's best restaurants ". The above photo shows the court-side of this oasis in the midst of a downtown borough. A gem ! ... But, I wonder if they have day passes ? ... ( 2106 Grey Avenue 
Montreal, Quebec )

Typical Montreal Outdoor Stairs

Copyright Photo: Montreal Duplex Typical Stairs 2 by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
The wrought iron outer staircases that grace many Montreal duplexes / triplexes are one of the city's most distinctive architecture design features. Originally, Montreal duplexes were first built to accommodate people from a wide variety of classes and ethnicities. However, this was largely a cutural phenomenon. The French and ethnic middle class preferred duplexes, whereas the English speaking middle class adopted row-houses and detached houses.

Underground Metro Vendors

Copyright Photo: Cotes des Neiges Metro Vendor by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
A typical Montreal "underground " Metro vendor. These "hawkers" usually sell counterfeit Fashion brand names: Calvin Klein, Chanel, Diesel, Gucci, Hugo Boss, etc... Merchandise run the gamut from sunglasses, t-shirts, perfumes and colognes, handbags, costume jewelry to scarves and headgear and beyond. But, buyers beware, they're here today and maybe not tomorrow.

Basilic Restaurant in Montreal's Chinatown

Copyright Photo: Basilic Montreal Chinatown Restaurant by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Located in the heart of Montreal's Chinatown, this small restaurant is one of my faves for Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese (Pan-Asian) cuisine. The food presentation is creative, the portions are very generous and the service is efficient. And above all, the food is very tasty and prepared with care. FYI, the bathrooms here are very clean and that's a good sign.  :-)
BASILIC 83 de-la-Gauchetière Street West / corner St. Urbain.

Lachine Canal

Copyright Photo: Montreal Skyline - Lachine Canal by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Copyright Photo: Montreal Lachine Canal Condo Living by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
The Lachine Canal: first opened in 1825 and was an important link in the shipping network between Montreal, the Ottawa River Valley and the Great Lakes. In the 1960s, when the St. Lawrence Seaway was opened, the Lachine Canal was closed and its entrance was filled in. Nowadays, the locks are open for pleasure crafts and some old buildings from the 1840s or 1870s have been restored and made accessible to the public... and a bike path that connects onto the Old Port promenade can be enjoyed by all. It's also a great location to own a condominium: great views, very close to downtown, fabulous bike path and kayak/boating facilities nearby and the Atwater Market is not far from here.


Copyright Photo: BIXI Bikes at MENS, Montreal by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Corner de Maisonneuve/Stanley Streets... heart of downtown Montreal. This BIXI station is strategically located providing easy access to these bikes for locals and tourists alike. They're very popular with the locals because it's really another form of public transport and you get to be outdoors and benefit from the exercise. Tourists can rent them out for an hour and tour the city at their own pace. There's also a "Metro" station just right around the corner and a handful of Montreal's premiere fashion shops / department stores and deluxe hotels are also a stone's throw away. And, conveniently right in front of my favorite Montreal men's fashion clothing store, MENS (1150 deMaisonneuve W. ). In my opinion, it's expensive here but well worth it: quality fabrics and workmanship and exclusive styles ... and not too trendy. An item bought here will usually last me for many years. You know what they say: you get what you paid for !