Mount Royal Tennis Club

Copyright Photo: Mount Royal Tennis Club by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
I pass by often and have always been intrigued by this place. It's located on a quiet residential street and the property boundaries are surrounded with a tall fence covered with mesh which blocks the view. The main building is very nice and in spite of the size of the facility, it's tastefully packaged and not too much of an eye-sore. I've never had the chance to use the facilities here since it's " Members Only ". And I was surprised to learn that it has been here since the early 1880's. According to its website: " the Mount Royal Tennis Club has been the centre of tennis activity in Montreal. A private club, the MRTC boasts twelve magnificent hard-true courts, wonderfully refurbished locker rooms, a magnificent deck overlooking the entire club, a pool, and a fine dining room in keeping with Montreal's best restaurants ". The above photo shows the court-side of this oasis in the midst of a downtown borough. A gem ! ... But, I wonder if they have day passes ? ... ( 2106 Grey Avenue 
Montreal, Quebec )