Smiles All Around

Copyright Photo: Afghanistan 1 by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Afghani Dance Troupe
Copyright Photo: Hungary by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Copyright Photo: Les Eclairs de Quebec by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Les Eclairs de Quebec / Marching Band
Copyright Photo: Afghanistan3 by Montreal Photo Daily, on FlickrCopyright Photo: Panama Carnival by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Afghani Dancer & Panama Carnival Costume

Copyright Photo: Panama by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Copyright Photo: Ford by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Vintage Ford

Copyright Photo: Band by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Unidentified South American Band

Copyright Photo: Coureur de bois by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Great Smiles

Here are the highlights from the photos taken at the Canada Day Parade. These photos may feature a marching band, a dance troupe, flashy costumes, silly props or onlookers, but they all have one thing in common. Somewhere in each photo there is a smile. Click on the photo to enlarge and look for it. My favorite highlight of the day will be revealed tomorrow.


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

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Valladolid Daily Photo said...

a very colorful festival.

Leif Hagen said...

A great series of photos form the Canada Day parade! C'est tellement fun! Bon dimanche, Ken!

Elisa said...

What a wonderful celebration!
Have a nice weekend

Birdman said...

Summer fun-filled times.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Beautiful weather and a colorful celebration for Canada Day. I particularly like your shot of Les Eclairs de Quebec!


magiceye said...

so much fun and laughter!! lovely images!!

Jarart said...

It looks to be a very colorful event and so many cultures having fun in one place!

RedPat said...

You're right - everyone looks happy!

Randy said...

Looks like alot of fun!

Kaori said...

A smile brings on more smiles...these photos are great! I love seeing traditional dances :D

Happy Canada Day to you!

Kim said...

I loved seeing all these Canada Day shots. I was saluting Canadians from just below the border that day! I hope to visit Montreal someday. It will be fun to see it through your lens. I only know it through the books of Mordichai Richler, poems of Cohen, and music of Bruce Cockburn. . .oh, and Pierre Trudeau :-)