Urban Art by arteVISTA

Copyright Photo: Triporfleur-Siris by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
I didn't understand this display at all but the bright colors and the fun and easy mood of this mural caught my attention. After Googling it, I discovered that this is part of the arteVISTA project, whose goal is to beautify Montreal's urban landscape and to promote Quebec artists in the process. This colorful mural at the corner of St-Urbain/de la Gauchetiere Streets (in the heart of Chinatown) is a giant reproduction of Quebec artist Siris' painting "Triporfleur". Note that a "graffiti artist" has also added his touch to this display.


Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued... where is the graffiti artist's touch?

Ken said...

Right above his head... there are 2 doodles or perhaps, signatures ? They blend in so well don't you find ? Thanks for taking the time to comment.