Grand Seminaire de Montreal

Copyright Photo: Grand Seminaire de Montreal by Montreal Photo Daily
Copyright Photo: Remnants of a Fort - Left Side by Montreal Photo Daily
Copyright Photo: Remnants of a Fort - Right Side by Montreal Photo Daily
Founded and built by the Fathers of the Saint Sulpician Order, who became the seigneurs over Montreal in 1663, this former seminary is a historic site located on Sherbrooke Street West between Fort and Atwater Streets. This was the second seminary built in Montreal by the Sulpicians; the first one can be seen next door to the Basilica Notre-Dame in Old Montreal. Today, this massive set of fieldstone buildings is a private college run by the order, and tours can be arranged to visit this site. Look for the distinctive stone turrets along Sherbrooke Street near Fort Street.
Photos: Front, Left Turret and Right Turret


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is very interesting. I live closeby and pass in front of it often. Will make a point to enter the grounds and have a closer look next time. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...


I grew up in Montreal and never noticed this....I've got to stop and smell the ros- uh, I mean , stop and check out ye olde structures around the city. I live in the "burbs" so now I find the architecture in Mtl pretty interesting - thanks for these glimpses !